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Are you tired of struggling to keep track of all your classes and assignments? The solution is here! North East Independent School District (NEISD) has launched a new program called Select Profile on their Skyward Launchpad platform. This innovative tool will revolutionize the way students, parents, and teachers handle their academic schedules. Keep reading to discover how this exciting feature can help improve your educational experience today!

NEISD launches Select Profile admissions

The Neilsen Education Index (NEISD) released its Select Profile admissions data for the Class of 2020 today. The NEISD offers an admission process that measures a student’s potential to thrive in college, focusing on four areas: academics, personal character, extracurriculars and community service.
The Select Profile was created with input from more than 650 locally based educators and college experts. It provides a snapshot of what makes a high-performing student and helps colleges find students who fit their unique needs.
According to NEISD, theSelect Profile data showed that 62% of the students admitted to Neilsen were rated as ” medalists .” Medalists are students who have consistently achieved excellent academic results while also demonstrating strong character traits and involvement in extracurricular activities and community service.
“We’re very proud of our Select Profile admissions process,” said NEISD Superintendent Dr. John Whitehurst. “It allows us to identify highly talented students who will thrive in our rigorous college curriculum.”
So far this year, over 2,000 students have applied through the NEISD Select Profile program – more than ever before – and many are already attending top schools across the country.

NEISD Select Profile is an online admissions tool

NEISD’s Select Profile online admissions tool is now available to students. This new online tool provides parents and prospective students with an easy and convenient way to compare district profiles and make informed decisions about their education options.
The Select Profile tool allows users to input their student’s grades and test scores, as well as review information on the school’s curriculum, enrollment trends, and more. The goal of this online resource is to provide parents with a comprehensive view of NEISD schools before making a decision about where their child should attend school.
Parents can also interact with other parents who have already made choices about where to send their children to school, share feedback, or ask questions about NEISD schools. Overall, the Select Profile tool is an important addition to the admissions process for students in the NEISD district.

What are the benefits of using the Select Profile?

The Select Profile is a new tool that NEISD is using to help students monitor their academic progress. The Select Profile provides quick and easy access to important information about a student’s academic progress, including grades, test scores, and course titles.
The Select Profile helps students stay on track and make informed decisions about their future. By having access to this information, students can better prepare for college courses and exams.
The Select Profile also helps parents keep tabs on the progress of their children. They can see which classes their children are taking and how they are doing in those classes. This information can help parents determine whether their children are progressing in the right direction or if they need to switch classes or do more work.
The Select Profile is free for NEISD students and parents who have an online account with the district. There is no registration required, and the tool is available at all school sites.

How do I apply for the Select Profile?

If you are interested in applying for the Select Profile program, the first step is to visit neisd.org/selectprofile and fill out an online application. Once you have completed the application, you will need to send your transcript and test scores to neisd.org/selectprofile@neisd.org. You may also want to consider taking the NEISD Preference Survey before submitting your application.

What are the requirements for using the Select Profile?

To use the Select Profile tool in NEISD’s Skyward portal, you must have an account with NEISD and be logged in.
Once you’re logged in, go to the My Account page and click on the Select Profile link.
On the Select Profile page, you’ll see a list of all your NEISD accounts. Click on the account you want to use for this profile.
You’ll now see a list of all your courses. To select a course, click on it and then click on the Select button next to it.
You’ll now see a list of all your grades for that course. To select a grade, hover over it and then click on the Select button next to it.
The Select Profile page will now show you a summary of that course’s grades and points earned for that semester. If you have any questions about this information, please contact us at help@skywardportal.com .


The launchpad Select Profile program provides NEISD students with the opportunity to explore a variety of career options and gain the skills they need for success. Classes are held in high-demand fields in a relaxed, comfortable setting and participants receive job-search assistance along with access to resources like computer labs, career centers, and more. In addition to job search assistance, Select Profile also offers resume critiques, interview tips, and more. registration is open now!