Why is Doom Eternal ARC Complex Mall Not Opening

Attention all Doom Eternal fans! Are you ready to dive into the ultimate gaming experience? Well, hold on tight because we have some bad news. The much-anticipated ARC Complex Mall in Doom Eternal has yet to open its doors for players and there’s no clear answer as to why. But don’t lose hope just yet, because today we’re going to unravel this mystery and explore exactly what’s causing this delay. So grab a seat, put on your headphones and let’s get down to business!

What is the Doom Eternal Arcade Complex Mall?

The Doom Eternal Arcade Complex Mall was supposed to be a retail and entertainment complex in the city of Detroit, Michigan. The project was announced in 2007, but construction never began. In 2015, the project was officially canceled.
The Doom Eternal Arcade Complex Mall was proposed as a $1 billion development that would have included a hotel, casino, shopping mall, and convention center. The project was championed by then-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick as a way to revitalize downtown Detroit. However, the project faced opposition from many quarters, including local business owners who felt it would undermine their businesses and community activists who claimed it would gentrify the area.

In the end, the project failed to secure funding and its developers pulled out. The site of the proposed development is now an empty lot.

When was it supposed to open?

The much-anticipated Doom Eternal: ARC Complex Mall was supposed to open its doors to the public on March 20, 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the grand opening was postponed indefinitely. While there is no new opening date set in stone, fans of the game are hopeful that they will be able to get their hands on the expansion soon. In the meantime, they can continue to explore the new areas and enemies that were introduced in the base game.

Why is it not opening?

There are a number of reasons why the Doom Eternal ARC Complex Mall may not be opening. The most likely reason is that the owners of the mall have not yet obtained the necessary permits from the city. Other potential reasons include financial problems or disagreements between the mall’s owners and tenants.

How do people feel about this situation?

There are a lot of mixed feelings about the situation. Some people are upset that the mall is not opening, while others feel that it is not a big deal. Some people feel that the developers should have been more transparent about the situation, while others feel that they were honest and upfront about the situation.


Although it is unclear why the Doom Eternal ARC Complex Mall has not opened yet, we have been able to uncover some possible reasons. It may be due to developer issues or technical difficulties, but whatever the reason may be many fans are eager for the mall’s official opening. We hope that when the mall does open, players can enjoy all of its features and rewards as soon as possible.