UPMC Shift Select – GE Healthcare Web Server

A healthcare setting, UPMC has taken a different approach to creating a “safe” network environment, where employees are able to work efficiently while maintaining safety standards. It’s important to have appropriate controls in place to protect data, especially when you are dealing with sensitive patient information.

What is UPMC Shift Select?

A health care provider at UPMC, or have been trying to figure out how to stay competitive as we navigate through this unprecedented period, then UPMC Shift Select is the program for you. It’s a new program, launched on March 15, 2020, designed to ensure that we are able to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare to the patients that need us most. UPMC is a healthcare provider with a wide array of facilities in many different parts of the country. One facility, the UPMC Montefiore Medical Center in Pittsburgh, is home to one of the largest emergency departments in the United States. This facility is home to the Department of Emergency Medicine and Emergency Services, and they have been running the UPMC Shift Select program for several years now. It’s a relatively new program at UPMC, but it’s proven very successful so far. UPMC has received national attention for this program, and the reason is obvious. This program aims to provide outstanding care to every patient who comes through the door.

How UPMC Shift Select Work?

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How to Login UPMC Shift Select?

To login UPMC Shift Select, you need to go through the registration procedure and then you need to wait for 24 hours until the system becomes active. After that, all you need to do is to enter your username and password and then you are ready to go. To gain access to the UPMC Shift Select, users should create an account at Once logged in, users should enter the unique shift code for their chosen service line. The codes for each shift are posted on the company website,

What are the Benefits of UPMC Shift Select

The idea behind Shift Select is that all of the healthcare staff at the hospital is trained on the same platform, so they can work together and save time when completing tasks. The company says that the new platform also means a reduction in errors, and the overall improved quality of care that comes with that. So, this means that Shift Select is all about saving time, helping reduce errors, and making sure that healthcare workers have all the resources needed at their fingertips.