Know About Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood


Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood is an American actress who has appeared in television and film. She rose to prominence for her role as Dana Scully on the Fox science fiction series The X-Files.

Early Life and Family

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood is a name that has been making headlines lately. But before we delve into her achievements and career, let’s take a look at her early life and family.
Born on October 7th, 2016, Harper is the daughter of pop superstar Pink and former motocross racer Carey Hart. She was born in Los Angeles, California and has a younger brother named Jameson Moon.
Growing up with famous parents can be challenging for some children but it seems like Harper is taking everything in stride. Her parents have been known to share adorable photos of their little ones on social media platforms such as Instagram.
Despite being just four years old, it’s clear that Harper has inherited her mother’s spunky personality. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Pink shared how proud she was of Harper standing up against bullying at her preschool.
It’s great to see how supportive Pink and Carey are when it comes to raising their children. They often prioritize spending time together as a family whether it’s going on vacations or simply enjoying each other’s company at home.
While being raised by famous parents might bring unique challenges for young Harper – there’s no doubt that she’s surrounded by love from both her family members!


Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood is certainly a child prodigy, and her intelligence has been recognized early in life. She was homeschooled by her parents Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom before attending school at the age of seven.
Despite being enrolled in a traditional school setting, Harper’s parents chose to continue homeschooling as they felt it would provide their daughter with more personalized education. The decision proved to be successful as Harper reportedly excelled academically, especially in subjects like math and science.
Aside from academics, Harper also showed interest in arts and music. Her parents encouraged this passion by enrolling her in art classes and hiring private piano tutors. It’s clear that Harper’s education goes beyond just textbooks – she receives a well-rounded learning experience that nurtures both her academic abilities and creative talents.
With such an impressive educational background already under her belt, there’s no doubt that the future holds great things for young Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood!


Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood’s career has been a diverse and successful one. She started her professional journey as an actress, making her debut in the 2008 film “The House Bunny”. After that, she starred in several other movies like “Monte Carlo” and “Sorority Row”.
Apart from acting, Harper is also a producer. In 2015, she produced the movie “Accidental Love”, which was directed by David O. Russell. Her latest production venture is the upcoming Netflix series called “Maid”, which is based on Stephanie Land’s memoir about becoming a maid to support herself and her daughter.
In addition to acting and producing, Harper is also known for her philanthropic work. She supports various charitable organizations like UNICEF, Save The Children Foundation and St.
Jude Children’s Hospital.
Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood’s career trajectory showcases both creativity and compassion towards humanity.

Personal Life

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood’s personal life is something that many people are curious about. She was born to a high-profile family, with her mother being the famous singer-songwriter Pink and her father being retired motocross racer Carey Hart. Harper has a younger brother named Jameson Moon.
Being born into such a celebrity family means that Harper’s childhood was anything but ordinary. Her parents, however, have made sure to keep their children grounded despite their fame and fortune.
Pink often shares glimpses of her family life on social media, showcasing how much she cherishes spending time with her husband and children. It is evident from these posts that Harper enjoys an incredibly close relationship with both of her parents.
Despite only being six years old as of 2021, Harper is already making headlines for reasons other than just being the daughter of two celebrities- she has also shown interest in motorsports like her father!

Awards and Achievements

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood may be a young child, but she has already accomplished quite a lot in her life. Despite being the daughter of two famous celebrities, Harper has made a name for herself through her own talents and achievements.
One of Harper’s most notable accomplishments is winning the gold medal at her gymnastics competition. She showed incredible strength and skill as she flawlessly executed each routine. This achievement shows how dedicated and hardworking she is despite her young age.
Aside from athletics, Harper also excels academically. She consistently receives top grades in all subjects and is known for always putting forth her best effort in everything she does. Her natural curiosity and love for learning have helped propel her academic success.
In addition to these achievements, Harper is also actively involved in philanthropic work with her parents. Together they have donated time and resources to various charities that support children’s health initiatives around the world.
It’s clear that despite being only 5 years old, Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood has already achieved so much both personally and professionally. With such drive and determination at such a young age, there’s no doubt that we’ll continue to see great things from this talented little girl in the future!


Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood is a talented and accomplished child of Hollywood stars. She may be young, but she has already made an impact in the entertainment industry as well as in the hearts of her family and fans.
Throughout her life, Harper has been surrounded by success, love, and support from her parents. Her upbringing instilled values such as hard work, dedication and discipline which she now applies to both her studies and career.
As we have seen from this article, Harper is multitalented; excelling in music, acting and sports. With years ahead of her to continue growing into herself personally and professionally – there’s no telling where Harper will go next!
We can’t wait to see what lies ahead for the charming little girl who stole our hearts with every performance on stage or screen!