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Are you a basketball player dreaming of playing at the next level? Do you want to get noticed by college coaches and recruiters? Look no further than! This platform is dedicated solely to helping basketball recruits reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. we’ll dive into what exactly is, how it can help your recruiting journey, and some of its unique features that set it apart from other recruiting platforms. So let’s lace up our sneakers and hit the court to learn all about!

What is is a basketball recruiting platform that connects high school athletes with college coaches and recruiters. It was founded by former Division I basketball coach, Paul Fortier, who recognized the need for an online tool that would make it easier for student-athletes to showcase their skills and get noticed.
The website offers a range of features designed to help players stand out from the competition. These include personalized profiles, highlight videos, academic information, and more. Coaches can use to search for potential recruits based on specific criteria such as position or location.
One of the unique aspects of is its partnership with ESPN’s Recruiting Nation network. This collaboration allows users to access exclusive content and analysis from some of the top experts in college basketball recruiting. provides an invaluable resource for aspiring college basketball players looking to take their game to the next level. With its user-friendly interface and extensive network of college coaches and recruiters, this platform has already helped countless athletes achieve their dreams.

What is basketball recruiting?

Basketball recruiting is the process of identifying and attracting talented basketball players to join a specific college or university program. The goal of basketball recruiting is to build a strong team that can compete at the highest level, which means coaches need to find players who possess certain skills, abilities, and attributes.
Recruiting usually begins with scouting potential players at high school games, AAU tournaments, or other events where young athletes showcase their talents. Recruiters will evaluate each player’s strengths and weaknesses in order to determine if they are a good fit for their team.
Once recruiters have identified potential recruits, they will start building relationships with them and their families. They’ll make phone calls, send emails or messages through social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram as well as invite them on campus visits so that they can get to know the athlete better.
Basketball recruiting requires patience from both parties involved. Coaches must be patient while searching for the right player who fits into their system; while prospective student-athletes must also be patient in determining where they want to spend four years studying & competing athletically before committing themselves fully towards one institution over another.

How does help basketball recruits? offers a plethora of benefits for basketball recruits looking to take their game to the next level. First and foremost, the website provides access to valuable resources such as recruiting tips, college search tools, and scouting reports from top analysts.
In addition, allows players to create a profile that showcases their skills and accomplishments. This profile can be used by coaches and recruiters who are searching for potential prospects in various regions across the country.
Another way that helps basketball recruits is through its connections with college programs. The website has established relationships with numerous NCAA Division I schools, giving players an opportunity to connect directly with coaches and potentially earn scholarship offers. serves as an all-in-one resource for basketball recruits looking to navigate the complex world of college recruitment. With its wealth of information and extensive network of contacts within the industry, it’s no wonder why so many aspiring college athletes turn to this platform for guidance.

What are the main features of is a website that offers invaluable resources to basketball recruits looking to take their game to the next level. Here are some of the main features of this site:
1. Comprehensive recruiting database: maintains a comprehensive database of high school basketball players across the country, making it easy for college coaches to find and evaluate talent.
2. Player profiles: Each player in the database has a detailed profile that includes key stats, videos, academic information, and contact details. This allows coaches to get a full picture of each prospect before reaching out.
3. Recruiting news and analysis: The site also offers up-to-date news and analysis on all aspects of college basketball recruiting. From which schools are showing interest in certain players, to rankings and scouting reports on top prospects, is an essential resource for anyone involved in recruiting.
4. Camps and events calendar: maintains an extensive calendar of camps, clinics, tournaments and other events where basketball recruits can showcase their skills in front of college coaches from around the country.
Overall, provides aspiring student-athletes with everything they need to succeed both on and off the court at every stage of their journey towards playing collegiate basketball at a high level..


Basketball recruiting can be a daunting task for many high school players looking to play at the college level. However, with the help of, the process becomes easier and more streamlined. The platform offers valuable resources such as player profiles, team rankings, and personalized recruitment services that provide players with greater visibility to college coaches.
Whether you’re a highly recruited athlete or just starting your basketball journey, is an excellent resource to take advantage of. With its wealth of information and tools designed specifically for basketball recruits, there’s no reason not to check it out and start taking control of your future in the sport today!